Education VS Information


Nowadays, there is an abundance of information available online for just about any subject. Hair loss/hair restoration is clearly no exception. Most hair loss sufferers spend less than an hour online typically checking a few web sites.

However treatment of hair loss is a very important decision. It should be an informed decision! The more time you spend educating yourself the better off you will be.  Do your homework and do not rely on simple online information, which may or may not be accurate.

To support patient education, the DHI Medical Group in conjunction with the DHI Academy is now introducing Patient Education Programme which includes free online courses and educational webinars.

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Everything about Hair Loss, in a Book


“Hair loss – Balance your opinions”, a complete analysis of hair restoration options available today; written by the founder of the DHI Medical Group, Mr. Konstantine Giotis.


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Live Educational Webinars


As part of the Patient Education Programme, DHI Medical Group organizes live online seminars to help men and women who suffer from hair loss get a clear view of the available treatment options.

  • Watch live sessions and results

  • Talk live with doctors

  • Learn about the types of alopecia and the available treatments

  • View celebrities who undergone hair transplant

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