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Kostas Giotis
Konstantinos P. Giotis

DHI Medical Group Founder

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Konstantinos P. Giotis established the DHI Global Medical Group in 1970 in Palo Alto California. His sole aim was to offer a pain less, scar free, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure, available to all and most important at an affordable cost.

DHI Global Medical Group has grown to become the world’s largest Hair Restoration provider performing unique techniques such as ‘Direct Hair Implantation’, ‘Directin’, ‘Direct Micropigmentation’, and ‘Direct PRP’ treatments, which are all part of the DHI ‘Total Care System’, in more than 50 locations around the World.


DHI is certified with ISO, registered with CQC UK and approved by the World Health Association and 5 Public Universities in France, Italy, Greece and Czech Republic.

K.P.Giotis has also published various papers in the Hair Transplant forum such as “Hair Restoration Surgery Is Not the Airlines Industry” and many more.

Dr. Walter Unger, in the Journal of Dermatology, quoted K. P. Giotis “As one of the pioneers of the field worldwide”.

As a result of K. P. Giotis life time devotion to hair loss, he was awarded diplomas by the University of South Lyon in France, after successfully teaching and contributing to the courses and annual lectures of  “Restorative Scalp Surgery” and  ”baldness courses” for Prof. Christian Hospitalier in Lyon Sud, during the last 4 years.

In 2013, K.P. Giotis started collaboration with a research group of Harokopio University in Athens, in the field of Hair Biology.

In March 2013, he has presented the ‘DHI Total Care System’, the world’s first quality standardization in hair restoration, to a full auditorium of medical doctors, at Syngros Athens University and received a honorary certificate of recognition and appreciation.

K. P. Giotis is invited to lecture in a series of University courses in Lyon, Rome, Athens and Prague. His presentation at the ISHRS meeting in Amsterdam, on July 2009 entitled “The Psychological Aspects of Hair Loss” was well received by an audience of over 600 doctors from around the world.

His latest invention “Direct Hair Implantation” was presented at the ISHRS 2011 meeting in Alaska while the ”DHI Total Care System” was presented at ISHRS 2013 in San Fransisco and Imcas 2013 in Shanghai China.

In 2012, K. P. Giotis has established the DHI Training Academy in UK, dedicated to teach and train people on hair restoration methods and practices.

The sole aim of the DHI Academy is to set the benchmarks of hair restoration and to provide R&D experts and specialists in Direct Hair Implantation and Directin techniques, as well as in Direct micropigmentation SMP and Direct PRP treatments.

The DHI Academy offers both online and hands on training to all interested parties involved in clinical operations, from the initial consultation and diagnostics, to performing Direct hair implantation, Direct PRP treatments and Direct micro pigmentation, throughout the year.

K. P. Giotis contributes to DHI Live Webinar, an interactive exchange on hair loss options and solutions, presenting the DHI ‘Total Care System’ to potential and existing clients.

K. P. Giotis has published a book in three different languages called “Hair Restoration Options”. This book has gained recognition by the leaders within the hair restoration field and also serves as an educational and informative account for hair loss sufferers.

He is the president of the Academy Masters Meeting ( and holds several patents on hair restoration methods, tools and instruments.

Georgia Ligda
Georgia Ligda MD

Plastic Surgeon, PhD,
DHI Global Medical Director

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Georgia Lidga MD, is a plastic surgeon specialized in aesthetic plastic surgery.
She had her PhD from the University of Athens and she is a member of HESPRAS since 2002.
She is a certified DHI Doctor for Hair Restoration.
She has attended several congresses related to her specialty, given speeches about various medical themes in Rotary meetings and she is member of ‘Who is Who’ publication for the last 5 years.
She is also an expert plastic surgeon in the list of Athens City Court.

DHI Medical Advisory & Research Board

John Curran
John Curran MD

DHI Channel Islands Clinic Director

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John Curran MD is the Lead Physician and Chief Executive at the Aesthetic Skin Clinics in the UK Channel Islands and Ireland.
A respected senior member of the medical community, Dr. Curran specialises in cosmetic dermatological, medical and surgical procedures and personally oversees the addition of all treatments that are offered by Skinstation. He is known professionally for this role in the education of cosmetic medical practitioners.
Dr. Curran and is an active Council member, Chief Examiner and the current President for the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD).
He also lectures regularly on aesthetic medicine, is published in leading Cosmetic Medicine Journals and is involved in monitoring and setting industry standards through the Committee. His experience of cosmetic procedures span over 15 years. Dr. Curran has special interests in skin ageing, radio frequency, laser treatments and dermatological surgery. He is popular with peers and patients alike.
Dr. Curran has extensive experience in performing the full range of cosmetic dermatological and medical treatments including, Advanced use of Botulinum Toxin, Hyperhidrosis management, Dermal Hydration Therapy/Fillers, Microsclerotherapy/Vein Treatments, Minor Surgery, Lipotherapy, Fraxel, Thermage, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Care, and deep medical Peels.
Dr. Curran is the Chief Executive of the Aesthetic Skin Clinic and mentors the medical team at all clinics.

Georgos Dedoussis
Georgios Dedoussis

Associate Professor of Biology

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Degree in Biology, Physics, University of Patras (1988)
D.E.A. (Diplome d ‘etudes approfondies) Enzymes, Biotransformation and Microbiology, Technological University of Compiegne, France (1990)
PhD thesis, Department of Microbiology, University of Athens Medical Sxolis (1995)
Areas of Research Interest: Clinical Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics

1. Dupuis et al. New genetic loci implicated in fasting glucose homeostasis and their impact on type 2 diabetes risk. Nat Genet Nov 2009
2. Dedoussis GV, Kapiri A, Samara A, et al. Visfatin: the link between inflammation and childhood obesity. Diabetes Care. Jun 2009;32(6):e71.
3. Kanoni S, Dedoussis GV, Herbein G, et al. Assessment of gene-nutrient interactions on inflammatory status of the elderly with the use of a zinc diet score – ZINCAGE study. J Nutr Biochem. May 14 2009.
4. Ntalla I, Dedoussis G, Yannakoulia M, et al. ADIPOQ gene polymorphism rs1501299 interacts with fibre intake to affect adiponectin concentration in children: the GENe-Diet Attica Investigation on childhood obesity. Eur J Nutr. Jun 19 2009.
5. Smart MC, Dedoussis G, Louizou E, et al. APOE, CETP and LPL genes show strong association with lipid levels in Greek children. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. Apr 28 2009.
6. Lasky-Su J, Lyon HN, Emilsson V, et al. On the replication of genetic associations: timing can be everything! Am J Hum Genet. Apr 2008;82(4):849-858.
7. Mocchegiani E, Giacconi R, Costarelli L, et al. Zinc deficiency and IL-6 -174G/C polymorphism in old people from different European countries: Effect of zinc supplementation. ZINCAGE study. Exp Gerontol. 2008;43(5):433-444.
8. Dedoussis GV, Panagiotakos DB, Louizou E, et al. Cholesteryl ester-transfer protein (CETP) polymorphism and the association of acute coronary syndromes by obesity status in Greek subjects: the CARDIO2000-GENE study. Hum Hered. 2007;63(3-4):155-161
9. Dedoussis GV, Theodoraki EV, Manios Y, et al. The Pro12Ala polymorphism in PPARgamma2 gene affects lipid parameters in Greek primary school children: A case of gene-to-gender interaction. Am J Med Sci. Jan 2007;333(1):10-15.
10. Dedoussis GV. Apolipoprotein polymorphisms and familial hypercholesterolemia. Pharmacogenomics J. 2007;8(9):1179-1189.

Christian Dubreuil

Professor of Ear Nose Throat

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Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud Head and Neck Surgery – Oto Neuro Surgery Department 69495 Pierre Benite Cedex FRANCE
Director of the Department of ENT – Oto Neuro Surgery for 20 years (1986)
Professor of Oto Rhino Laryngology (exceptional Grade) at Lyon 1 University (1996)
Head and Neck Surgeon for Cancerology, Cervical and Plastic Surgery, 1977 – 1995.
Oto-neuro Surgeon Since 1987; more than 1,200 Acoustic Neuromas and Meningiomas of the Cerebello Pontine angle operated. Surgery of the Skull Base ; Paragangliomas, tumours of the Petrous Bone.
Surgery of the Facial Nerve : Decompression : Anastomosis, Facial Reparation Using Muscle transfers.
Surgery of Vertigo : Vestibular Neurotomy.
Middle Ear Surgery : Otosclerosis (150 – 180/ year), Cholesteatomas (120 – 180 / year), Tympanoplasties (150 – 200 / Year).
Middle Ear Implants : Med-El Symphonix, Middle Ear Transducer for Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Conductive Hearing Loss.
Many publications on Oto – Neurotology and Facial Nerve Surgery.

Egorov Egor
Egor Egorov MD

Specialist in Preventing Aesthetic Medicine

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Beruflicher Werdegang
1979-1985 Studium der Humanmedizin an der Medizinischen Hochschule Vladivostok, Russland.
1985 Diplom mit Summa cum Laude
1985-1990 Klinische Vollassistenz am Lehrstuhl für Innere Medizin Uniklinik
1990 Promotion in Medizin mit Summa cum Laude
1995 Deutscher Facharzt für Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin.
1991-2001 Tätigkeit als Arzt und Facharzt für Anästhesie am Reinhard-Nieter-Krankenhaus, Wilhelmshaven (Uniklinik Göttingen).
Seit 2001 niedergelassen als Arzt für Anästhesiologie.
1993-1995 Ausbildung in Manueller Medizin bei der Gesellschaft für Manuelle Medizin Boppard-Hamm
2000-2001 Ausbildung in TCM (Akupunktur) an der Uni St.Petersburg
2003-2004 Ausbildung in Männermedizin bei HOMMAGE
2004-2005 Praxis für Männermedizin, Wilhelmshaven
Seit 2004 Fortlaufend Weiterbildung in Orthomolekular und Präventiv Medizin
Mai 2005 Gründung der IPAM
Entwicklung medizinischer Produkte, Vorträge, präventivmedizinische Aufklärung
Februar 2006 Private Praxis für Präventivmedizin (vormals Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 5, 10115 Berlin,Vergrößerung der Praxisräume ab 01.02.2007 in der Knesebeckstrasse 68/69, 10623 Berlin

Hercogova Jana
Jana Hercogova MD, PhD

Professor of Dermatology

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Chairwoman of the Prague Dermatology Centre
(Chairwoman of the Dermatology Dept., Charles University Prague)
(President of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venearology – EADV)

Professional qualifications
• MUDr., Medical School Qualification degree with honours, 2nd Medical School, Charles Univ., Prague (Czech equivalent to M.D.) – 1984
• Specialist on Dermatology and Venereology 1st degree, 2nd degree, Inst. for Postgrad. Education, Prague (Czech equivalent to Certification of the American Board of Dermatology) – 1988, 1993
• CSc., Thesis „Cutaneous Manifestations of Lyme Borreliosis“ (Czech equivalent to Ph.D.) – 1990
• Doc., Second doctorate on „Long-term Follow-up of the Patients with Cutaneous Manifestations of Lyme Borreliosis“ (Czech equivalent to Associate Professor) – 1994
• Prof., professor´s lecture on „Borreliosis Lymensis Cutis“ (Czech equivalent to Professor) – 2004

Present position
• Chairwoman Dept. Dermatology, 2nd Medical School, Charles Univ. Prague: since 1995
• Board Member Czech Society of Dermatology and Venereology:since 1998
• Scientific Board Member 2nd Medical School, Charles University since 1999
• Scientific Board Member Czech Medical Chamber since 1999
• Board Member European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2000-2004
• Board Member European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology since 2000
• Professor of Dermatology, Venereology, Cell Biology and Psychocutaneous Medicine, Int. Faculty of the „Centro Interuniversitario di Dermatologia Biologica e Psicosomatica“, Florence, Siena, Milan, Italy since 2001
• Visiting Professor University of Siena, Italy since 2003
• Board Member Czech Society of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine since 2003
• President Czech Academy of Dermatology and Venereology since 2003
• Vice-President Central-Eastern European Dermatovenereological Association since 2003
• Congress

Professor J.C. Kim, MD, PhD

DHI Group Research Director

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Professor J.C. Kim, MD, PhD is affiliated with The Hair Laboratory and Immunology Department, at Kyungpook National University in Seoul, Korea.
He is the leading international scientist in the research of hair follicle cloning and DNA testing.
His work focuses on identifying the specific genes responsible for hair loss.

Torello Lotti
Torello Lotti MD

Professor of Dermatology and Director of Dermatology & Venereology Dpt of the University of Guglielmo Marconi, Rome, Italy

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The main fields of his scientific researches are focused on the study of neuropeptides in numerous skin diseases, plasminogen activators in autoimmune dermatosis and lichen planus , and the clinical aspects and treatment of psoriasis with particular attention to new therapies with biological agents.
Areas of interest:
Acne, Eczema, Allergy, Trichology, Cosmetology Dermatology.
Of particular relevance for research on pathogenesis and novel treatments for vitiligo and psoriasis.
Finally it is worth mentioning his research on the prevention and therapy in dermatology-oncology melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Bernd-Michael Löffler MD

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Beruflicher Werdegang
1975 – 1985 Studium der Humanmedizin, Biologie, Chemie und Physik an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
1981 Diplom in Biologie, Schwerpunkt Biochemie mit Summa cum Laude
1986 Promotion in Medizin mit Summa cum Laude
1978 – 1980 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Institut für Pflanzen Biochemie der Universität Göttingen Stellvertretender Leiter PD Dr. Harnischfeger
1980 – 1984 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Max-Planck-Institut für experimentelle Medizin, Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. H. Kunze, Abteilung Prof. Dr. W. Vogt
1985 – 1989 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Max-Planck-Institut für experimentelle Medizin, Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. H. Kunze, Abteilung Prof. Dr. W. Vogt
1988 Gastprofessur an der University of Edmonton, Canada, Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. D.N. Brindley
1989 – 2005 Präklinische Forschung F. Hoffmann-La Roche (Basel) seit 2002 in der Funktion eines Vizedirektors
2003 – 2004 Ausbildung in Männermedizin bei HOMMAGE
Seit 2004 Fortlaufend Weiterbildung in Orthomolekular und Präventiv Medizin
April 2005 Gründung der Löffler Consulting in Zug (Schweiz), wissenschaftliche Beratung von forschenden pharmazeutischen Unternehmen (z,B. F.Hoffmannn-La Roche, Santhera, Biovitrum, )
Mai 2005 Gründung der IPAM (Institut for Prevention and Antiaging Medicine) Entwicklung medizinischer Produkte, Vorträge, präventivmedizinische Aufklärung
Dezember 2006 Berufung in das Scientific Advisory Board von Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG
Februar 2007 Private Praxis für Präventivmedizin (vormals Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 5, 10115 Berlin, Vergrößerung der Praxisräume ab 01.02.2007 in der Knesebeckstrasse 68/69, 10623 Berlin)
Seit Dez. 2006 Mitglied des Scientific Advisory Board der Santhera Pharmaceuticals

Mary Petroliagki MD

Registrat Endocrinologist, General Hospital of Athens

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Mary Petroliagki MD, was born in Athens in 1976.
Graduated from Medical School of Constanta in 2001.
Has been working as Observer attachment at the Department of Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine and Assessment Unit at the “PSYCHIKOU” Medical Clinic, Senior doctor at the department of nephrology at the “Daphni” Medical Clinic, Senior doctor at the Department of Internal Medicine at the General Hospital of Argos and Senior doctor at BIOIATRIKI Laboratories.

In 2009 Mary Petroliagki MD, became part of the DHI Global Medical Group as Master Doctor, and since 2012 she is Registrat Endocrinologist in the Endocrinology Department at the General Hospital of Athens.